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About Spokane Private Investigations

dry-erase-board-300x200Spokane Private Investigations is a licensed agency through the Washington State Department of Licensing. We perform investigations for private individuals, attorneys, businesses, and corporations. We strive to give our clients a level of service that surpasses other agencies in the state of Washington.

When we take your investigation, you are guaranteed a professional, responsible, friendly, and understanding service that will exceed your highest expectations. We provide investigative services for a wide variety of specialties.

Each case is different, but you can always rely on professional, thorough investigations with complete and accurate reports. Our goal is to provide high quality service and satisfaction to our customers.

Meet The Team


Chet Gilmore

Chet Gilmore (founder) served a 25-year career in municipal law enforcement in Spokane.  His career focused on investigations including 15 years in the Major Crimes Unit and supervising the Special Victims Unit conducting complex investigations involving all types of criminal activity including murder, rape and other sexual assault, domestic violence, extortion, kidnapping, robbery and property crimes. He developed working relationships with other police agencies, prosecutors, defense attorneys, the courts, medical community, businesses and community organizations.

During his police career, he was part of the SWAT Team, instructor of Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques at the police academy and a Field Training Officer.

Chet founded Spokane Private Investigations, LLC with the goal of providing his expertise and the expertise of associated investigators to other professionals in the legal system, businesses and members of the community.

Rob Alvarez served for 22 years as a federal special agent conducting Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigations. His training and experience have made Rob an expert investigator in international terrorism and counter proliferation, international arms exportation, commercial trade fraud, human smuggling and trafficking, drug smuggling, money laundering and international criminal gangs.

Rob’s work included undercover operations and an assignment as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Assistant Attaché for Central America. Prior to his law enforcement career, Rob served as a Captain in the United States Army in the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm.

Rob speaks Spanish fluently placing him in the unique position to adequately conduct investigations involving Spanish speaking clients and others associated with the investigations.

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